The Collegian Student Voice of Kalaepōhaku Thu, 21 Nov 2019 00:42:32 -1000 en-US hourly 1 Freshman: C/o2023 Thu, 21 Nov 2019 00:42:32 +0000 Freshman student Micah Soque lip synced the song “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You,” a song made famous by our very own Saint Louis School President: Dr. Glenn Medeiros. Nice choice!

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Middle School: C/o 2024 Thu, 21 Nov 2019 00:38:22 +0000 Sully Slevin, an 8th grader, thrilled us with a throwback medley of memorable songs from each decade and came in 4th place. Amazing job, very creative!

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Junior: C/o 2021 Wed, 20 Nov 2019 22:33:05 +0000 Coming in 2nd was Junior Kawika Perreira and his heartfelt version of “I Want it That Way” by The Backstreet Boys. Great Job!

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Sophmore: C/o 2022 Wed, 20 Nov 2019 22:30:11 +0000 In 3rd place was Saletai Alauni-Tolomu representing the sophomore class with passion and fervor; lip syncing the song “Love” by Keyshia Cole. Wow! Daring!

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First Place: c/o 2020 Wed, 20 Nov 2019 21:57:58 +0000 Winning the battle overall was senior Ryan Tupea with his rendition of “Never Enough” from the soundtrack The Greatest Showman. Congratulations!

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Movie Review: Joker Tue, 05 Nov 2019 06:55:23 +0000 The movie Joker is the most anticipated movie release of the month of October. It was definitely the most hyped film, and it delivered. This movie focuses on the origin story on a well-known character from the Batman series, therefore its expectations were high. The Joker story revolves around a man with a mental illness and a disorder that makes him laugh uncontrollably at things that are usually not funny. Half of the movie is in the Joker’s mind himself as he makes up different scenarios that would make him feel happy. 

I give this movie a five star rating because even with its high expectations, the movie still lived up to the hype. It consisted of a hefty share of violence, darkness, suspense, and mystery, as well as a plot twist towards the end of the movie. The plot of the story was also exceptionally creative and realistic. He starts off like everyone else, being one of many people in the lower class fighting for equal economic rights from the rich who have an exponential wage gap between upper and middle/lower class. His act of violence against three rich men depict him as a hero to some people, even though he is not aware of this. People eventually begin the protest of the government which was sparked by him. 

After seeing the Joker movie, it gave me a whole nother perspective on the background of this character who seems to have risen to fame through illusion and mental illness. This movie is great to watch if you’re into mystery and always want to be at the edge of your seat. Ultimately, this movie never had a dull moment. There’s always a moment of mystery, action, violence, or darkness. Joker had high expectations, and in my opinion, ended up exceeding them.

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The Crusaders Go 9-0 with a Win Over the Seariders. Mon, 04 Nov 2019 07:10:39 +0000 On October 11, 2019, the Saint Louis Crusaders faced a formidable opponent, the Waianae Seariders. The Seariders hosted the Crusaders at their home field at Waianae High School. The night before the game, there was a heavy rain-storm, turning the grass field to mud. The Crusaders’ offense is led by quarterback, Jayden de Laura and his receivers, Koali Nishigaya, Matthew Sykes, and Roman Wilson. On the opposing team, the Seariders’ offense is led by quarterback Jordan Kaloi-English and receiver Nainoa Machado. 

As the sun set and the stadium lights came on, the Crusaders went to battle with Seariders. As always, the Crusaders elected to defer the ball until the second half. The Crusaders dominated the game right from the get-go. The first touchdown of the game from running back, Mason Taliulu, with a 1 yard touchdown run for Saint Louis. However, the Seariders striked back with a touchdown reception to receiver Nainoa Machado. Saint Louis’ quarterback Jayden de Laura dealt ample damage to the Seariders’ defense. Jayden de Laura had 322 yards and 4 touchdowns in the first half. Before the end of the half came possibly the most exciting play of the Crusaders’ entire season. Jayden de Laura dropped back and scrambled out to the right. As he felt the pressure from the Seariders’ defense, he reversed the back to the left. Still having no receivers open, he ran all the way back to the right. As the clock hit “triple zeros”, de Laura threw the ball to receiver Matthew Sykes for a 25 yard touchdown. By the end of the half the Crusaders were up 42-19. 

At the beginning of the second half, the Crusaders came out strong with a 51 yard fumble recovery touchdown from senior receiver Po’okela Louis. Shortly after, the Crusaders’ offense scored again with a 6 yard touchdown run from running back Kaohu Kamakawiwo’ole. However, the Seariders were not giving up. At the end of the third quarter, the Seariders’ quarterback, Kaloi-English, connected with receiver Tamboen-Kaeo for an 11 yard touchdown score. Later in the fourth quarter, both the Crusaders and Seariders were restricted to zero points, making the final score 56-26. The Crusaders went 9-0 in the regular season, extending the winning streak to 35 straight wins. This win also made the Crusaders the number 1 seed in the ILH. Putting them in the run for the championship, the Crusaders must wait three weeks until they play their next game on November 1, 2019, at the Aloha Stadium. Their opponent will be the winner of the Kamehameha vs. Punahou game. 

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Fantasy Football: September Recap Mon, 04 Nov 2019 07:09:15 +0000

Only one month into fantasy football, there are already enough highlights to last the whole season. Star quarterbacks Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints), Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers), and Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers) are all sidelined for the foreseeable future due to injuries. So far, this season has truly played out to be “the year of the benched players”. There is already an abundance of injuries to starting players, resulting in the “bench players” stepping up.


There is no insufficiency of fantasy storylines, whether it be Lamar Jackson’s surprising passing explosion or Todd Gurley’s arthritic downfall. This Sunday’s theme is “twenty-five and younger”, being that most of the point-producers are young players under the age of twenty-five. As for the Cleveland Browns, they were overhyped from the offseason moves made by general manager John Dorsey and it showed against a stout Tennessee Titans defense. The New England Patriots were exactly what fans thought they would be, overpowering. In addition, it was obvious that the Pittsburgh Steelers needed Antonio Brown on their team, being that they only scored three points through all four quarters without him.


The Green Bay Packers have a strong defense. Faced up against a superior Minnesota Vikings offense, the Packers’ defense stepped up with help from their two free agency pickups: Preston Smith (Washington Redskins) and Za’darius Smith (Baltimore Ravens). These players combined accounted for one sack, two interceptions, two fumble recoveries, and a blocked kick to hold the Vikings at sixteen total points. Also on NFL headlines, Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints) is out for an estimated time of six weeks. He injured himself during a pass that ended up with his hand making contact with reigning NFL defensive player of the year, defensive tackle Aaron Donald (Los Angeles Rams). The following play, Teddy Bridgewater substituted in for the injured quarterback to finish the game. Luckily for Saints fans, this is not the first starting role Teddy Bridgewater has had. He was the franchise starter for the Minnesota Vikings and took them to the wild card round of the 2016 playoffs.

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Northern California: The PG&E Power Shutdown Mon, 04 Nov 2019 07:07:32 +0000

     The state of California is known for having many frequent wildfires that have affected many California residents’ lives in the past few years. The most violent and destructive fire that happened in California was about a year ago, was the Camp Fire. This fire forced many residents to leave their homes and evacuate out of Butte County, leaving 85 people killed in this wildfire. Diablo winds and PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) Company was left at fault for this devastating tragedy. Diablo winds are known for starting most wildfires in California especially in dry areas because it causes the air to compress, heating up and drying out the area. The PG&E company was also put to blame due to one of their power lines causing an electrical fire transmission, which was one of the major factors that started the Camp Fire.

     Now, PG&E is shutting off all of its power lines to avoid the recurrence of this accident. PG&E Company is California’s largest utility so this leaves many people furious at PG&E, but there are also people who are thankful for what PG&E is doing. PG&E Company had shut down power on October 9th in Northern California, leaving about 500,000 customers without power. Now their next shutdown of power will happen in the Bay Area on October 29th which will affect 596,000 customers. These power outages not only affect residents at home, but also on the road. Due to all of these outages happening, there is bound to be some accidents happening on the road. There were multiple accidents after this first shutdown of power on October 9th, because of traffic stoplights and street lamps not working. 

Has “carefully considered” Gov. Newsom’s request to provide rebates for customers who were impacted by the intentional power shutdowns of Oct. 9.”

— PG&E Company

     The governor of California emphasized that PG&E should begin to refund all their customers who were affected by the major power shut-offs that happened this month. Both residential customers and business customers are guaranteed to have refunds for what happened during the power shutoff. PG&E Company will refund its customers who were affected by the shut off on October 9th first, before refunding their other customers that were affected by the other major power shut-offs during this month. This will apply to as many as 738,000 customers who were affected by this major power shutoff by PG&E. PG&E will begin to better their utility and equipment across California to help better the solution of having intentional power shut-offs, knowing that it is an inconvenience to all of their customers.

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Crusaders Face Off Against Buff ‘n Blue for ILH Championships Mon, 04 Nov 2019 07:04:24 +0000 Coming off of a big win against the Waianae Seariders, the Saint Louis Crusaders earned a two week “bye”. The Crusaders played at Waianae High School during Friday night with inclement weather. The field was exceptionally muddy and slippery, making it difficult to play on. After the game, there were a couple of injured players, so they took the first bye-week lightly. The Crusaders practiced from Monday through Friday in full pads. That first week was not much of a preparation, but more of a recovery. Recovery is very important for athletes after games, especially in tackle football. The Saint Louis Crusaders also welcome back starting running back, Kainalu Tumpap, who suffered a fractured ankle in the beginning of the season against Bishop Gorman High School from Las Vegas, Nevada. I asked Kainalu Tumpap a few questions and this is what he had to say.


What was the hardest part about coming back from a fractured ankle injury?

“The hardest part about trying to come back from my injury was staying in shape and not losing my momentum and mindset I had going into the season. Since I got hurt early on and sat out for the majority of the season, staying in shape was challenging. My mindset wasn’t too hard to keep straight because, 24/7, I have a mindset to work hard and get better.”

How do you feel about coming back and playing alongside your brothers?

“I feel pretty excited and hungry. It’s my last season so I have no choice but to give it my all. I thank God that I came back sooner than I expected because my injury was pretty serious. All I know is that statements will be made when I get my hands on that ball again.”


The second week for the Crusaders focused more on the preparation to play the winner of the Punahou vs. Kamehameha game. The Crusaders ran multiple schemes at practice because they did not know who they were going to be playing yet. On Friday, October 25th, Punahou came out on top against Kamehameha. For the Crusaders, this marked the end of the bye-week and the exciting transition to game-week. The practices during game-week are similar to week two of the bye-week, but are more uptempo and specialized for the opposing team. Unlike the other schools, the Saint Louis Crusaders work hard in practice even though it is game-week. The Crusaders have never been more ‘hungry’ this season and the energy can be felt from miles away. As they perform on Friday night, they will remember the past generations of Crusaders and represent the entire Crusader nation on their journey to becoming 2019 ILH champions.

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